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"I'm So Grateful for These Amazing Testimonials!" Susan Eisner



"Susan has changed my life. If you really want to learn about yourself, get to the bottom of what holds you back and then move forward, hire Susan. In her wellness and emotional health seminars and coaching, she’ll make you feel relaxed and safe, and help get you “unstuck.” " Pamela Winter


"Susan is an amazing speaker! She captivated the audience and every single person said they walked away with tools they could use, not only in their professional life but in their personal life as well. I'm looking forward to hosting another event with her in the near future!

Linda West, Director of New Business Development, All Metro Health Care, 4/13/17, seminar at All Metro Health Care

“I attended and co-sponsored Susan’s “Conscious, Compassionate Communication Skills” seminar for social workers and case managers at Brandywine Independent Living in Melville on 10/25/16. I loved her seminar, and so did the whole audience based on the feedback I received. It was great for me as a co-sponsor. I was able to re-connect to and set up meetings with several people there I had known, re-opening doors that might have otherwise been closed. I found it to be a very valuable experience."
Laura Giunta, Director of Community Outreach, Senior Helpers Home Care, 10/25/16, seminar at Brandywine Huntington Terrace


Comments from "Mindfulness, Meditation and Guided Imagery Relaxation Techniques" seminar, 12/12/19 at The Jarvie Program:

“Susan was very knowledgeable on every topic. She presents in a very calming, soothing and informative way.” Social Worker, The Jarvie Program 

Comments from "Enhancing the Aging Process Using Mindfulness & Empathy Skills Training in Elder Care" seminar, 5/7/19 at Somerset Gardens:

"This seminar exceeded my expectation. Thanks Susan for taking the time to facilitate this training. As a hospice social worker it is important to be in tune with my own feelings so that I can better service patients and families. I feel that I now have a better understanding on how to help patients and families practice mindfulness techniques." Connie Gordon, LMSW, Social Worker, Hospice of New York

​"Susan is a pleasure to learn from. She keeps it easy, simple and to the point." W. Tian, LCSW, School Social Worker

"Susan's seminar was funny, powerful and very informative. I greatly enjoyed learning the various mindfulness techniques and how they can be applied for myself and clients." Lauren Grab, LCSW, Senior Manager of Care Management, AgeWell New York

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation - full of information and interesting, yet light-hearted and fun." Piera F., LCSW, Social Worker, Healthfirst

"Susan is amazing! She brings this topic to life with real life examples we can relate to. And I appreciate how Susan puts the professional into the equation of mindfulness - not just the clients. We will offer more to our clients when we are more aware of our own selves." K. O'Connor, LMSW, Social Worker, Oceanside Care Center 

"Great speaker, very engaging and knowledgeable about topics. I went to a 6 CEU talk on Friday about mindfulness that was very disappointing. I was so glad I attended your talk - I loved it." April Kinney, LMSW, Social Worker, Dominican Village

"Susan provided an informative seminar with several techniques that I can apply with my clients. She helped me value the meditation and mindful process." Edna Mejia, LMSW, Social Worker, Mental Health Clinic

“Susan’s voice was very soothing – she slowed us up – and modeled behavior for us. She gave us lots of information – with a gentle approach just what we need to be reminded of.” Jane Malone, PhD, LCSW-R, Private Practice

"It's very helpful and useful, not only for the client, and also for the therapist herself." H.L. Hsu, LCSW, Social Work Supervisor, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

Comments from "Put Your OWN Oxygen Mask on First! Self-Care for Health Professionals" seminar, 3/7/19 at Cold Spring Hills Rehab:

"Susan's presentation was wonderful. Taking a complicated subject and breaking it down in a more simple way which allows you to feel motivated and encouraged to improve your life and tackle your goals." Piera F., LCSW, Social Worker, Healthfirst

​"Susan helps the busy professional (who is used to helping others) to care for herself, take some time to set achievable goals and to adopt health behaviors. Good sense of humor in her presentation." D. Powell, RN Case Manager

"Susan Eisner's workshops are wonderful because they are practical and can be applied not only to work issues but personal obstacles as well. This seminar on self-care provides excellent skills to improve those areas in our busy lives and can effect positive change." Karen Schlachter, LCSW-R, Health Care Advisor

Comments from "Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques" seminar, 3/19/19 at St. James Rehab

"I came with preconceived ideas about mindfulness and some resistance. My attitude shifted with Ms. Eisner’s exercises and instructions. The subject of “focus” was my favorite.” Bernadette Petersen, RN, BSN, CCM, Care Manager, Long Island Community Hospital

“This presentation is so important to self-care and this is a great way to do this.” Noreen LaPorta, LMSW, Social Worker, Parker Institute Caregiver Support Initiative

“Truly excellent – highly recommend! Practical and informative!” Jeannine Bennett, LMSW, Utilization Review Clinician, Beacon Health Options

“Techniques are simple, quick, yet relaxing. Will definitely be using RT in my daily routine.” Amanda Kurtz, LMSW, Social Worker​    

More From Participants of Various Seminars:

"Very effective program in a short amount of time. A lot of extremely useful techniques for use at work and at home." Ludmilla Ferruzzi, LMSW, Medical Social Worker, Social Work Department, Mather Hospital, 3/12/18, seminar on-site.

“We are so busy as professionals. We need some work at times to remind ourselves what it’s all for – the patients, clients. This seminar (“Conscious, Compassionate Communication Skills”) brought me back to the core values, skills and reasons why social work is my profession.” K. O’Connor, LMSW, Oceanside Care Center, 10/25/16, seminar at Brandywine Huntington Terrace

"I would highly recommend this training to any social service provider." John Felci, BSW, Case Manager, Community Agency for Senior Citizens, 12/14/17, seminar at The Brielle in Staten Island "Susan was funny, informative, real, relatable. Wish we had more time but she hit the main points. Thank you! Maria Benzan, LMSW, and "It was a very positive experience." Rosalind Venture, LCSW, both from New York Presbyterian Hospital, 9/27/17, seminar for the Social Work & Care Management Department

"In the second of your seminars, I liked the small group, and I had better, deeper breathing and much deeper ability to reach inside of myself and recognize what I have to do to make changes. Each seminar gets better and better!" Debbie Ginsberg, CSMM (Certified Senior Move Manager), Uncluttered Domain, Inc., 5/18/17, seminar at Sunrise East Meadow

"This seminar ("Stress and Self-Care Mastery") is relevant for all levels of professionals. For seasoned professionals it's a great refresher. Fore newer professionals it's an excellent skill building and training seminar." Ruth Delores Smith, LCSW-R, CASAC-G, Private Practitioner, 3/26/17, seminar at Wisdom House Retreat Center, Litchfield, CT

"Susan is simply inspirational!" K. Rivera, LMSW, Care Manager, 3/26/17, seminar at Wisdom House Retreat Center, Litchfield, CT

"Mindfulness and self-awareness is life changing. Everyone can benefit from using these skills in their relationships and work." Karina Gonzalez, LMSW-BE, School Social Worker, 3/26/17, seminar at Wisdom House Retreat Center, Litchfield, CT

"The structure to her program is well thought out and certainly beneficial. I plan to utilize what I learned for both myself and my clients - excellent program! Deirdre Forbes, LMSW, CASAC, VAMC, 3/26/17, seminar at Wisdom House Retreat Center, Litchfield, CT

“The best part of the seminar was Susan’s empathy, her wit and excellent skill development. She was professional, knowledgeable and able to help the group take difficult concepts and experientially express them in a practical treatment context.”

Oscar Copeland, LCSW, CASAC, Retired, 4/9/16, seminar at YMCA, Holtsville, NY

"Susan has a zest for teaching and she should be front and center with her brand of enthusiasm." Social Worker, NY, 2/25/16

"Susan's presentations are very real. She has useful information to share and she motivates people in the caregiving professions to realize the importance of caring for ourselves - with real solutions." D.Drelich, LMSW, ACSW, CMC, Private Care Manager, NY Elder Care Consultants, NY, 2/25/16

"I have already been able to use "Abdominal Breathing" [a technique taught by Susan} with a client and have seen its benefits. After utilizing 5 minutes of Abdominal Breathing the Veteran reported, "I feel better." He also had more insight into his behaviors and was able to engage more effectively in problem solving during the session. Thank you!"
Colleen Anne Britton, LMSW, Community Residential Care Social Worker, VA Medical Center, Northport, NY, 11/24/15




Pamela Winter, Director of Community Relations, Somerset Gardens Senior Living, and Board Member of the Women’s Financial Group, Long Island NY Chapter, 5/7/12

I met Susan at the Long Island, NY Employee Assistance Professionals Association. She spoke on “Innovative Guided Imagery and Introspection Processes for Addiction Treatment.” We learned and practiced very relaxing techniques to help curb self-destructive behaviors. Among 50 people that were all almost hypnotized, you could hear a pin drop. I could have stayed and listened to Susan for hours.

This seminar was eye-opening for me. She took me to a place I never knew existed – to the often vulnerable emotions that occur in the moments before acting automatically or compulsively. “Rewinding the film” to those moments and pausing to feel, for example, the hurt that precedes an anger outburst – was a powerful technique. It reminded me of golf, where you first pause during your backswing to balance yourself, and really ready yourself to aim.

I thought Susan’s interactive presentation was amazing. I told everyone I saw about it. I then invited her to present again at The Women’s Financial Group on Long Island where she spoke on the related topic of “Moving Past Your Professional and Personal ‘Stuck Points’ Using Guided Imagery and Introspection Processes.”

The second talk was even better than the first. We discussed beliefs getting in our way of progress, and on a deep, subconscious level, replaced them with healthier ones. In this intimate space of 33 women, we voiced our personal struggles with food, the pain and guilt of caring for an elderly parent – things we wouldn’t have even admitted to ourselves. It was empowering, cleansing and cathartic for us all.

Susan has changed my life. If you really want to learn about yourself, get to the bottom of what holds you back and then move forward, hire Susan. In her wellness and emotional health seminars and coaching, she’ll make you feel relaxed and safe, and help get you “unstuck.”

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